Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to organize a drumming workshop, a drum circle or a dance workshop, there are some things that are useful to know. For instance, drumming can be loud, so make sure it will not be inconvenient for other people.

  • - A large cleared space of approximately 2 m2 (21.5 ft2) per person
  • - For the drumming workshop: chairs
  • - For the gumboot dancing workshop: the participants have to bring their own wellies
  • - Good access to the place the workshop takes place. Can we park the car in front of the entrance for unloading the instruments? If the workshop is not on the ground floor, is there a lift?
  • - In case we are working with children we expect that the class teachers, youth workers or parents will be present throughout the workshop

The workshop can take place anywhere: business premises, conference centres, external venues etc. If the weather allows it is possible to work outside. Bear in mind that the workshops can be noisy.

Yes, FabDrumming can work with the participants of the workshop leading to a special performance, in which they can show what they have learned to their fellow workers, parents, family or friends.
We can give them African costumes to wear, which will make the show even better.

For the African Drumming workshop we use African instruments such as djembe drums and cast iron double bells (gangkogui). But we can also add other handheld percussion instruments like agogo bells, tamborims, scrapers, shakers, tambourines, etc.
For the Junk Percussion workshop we use plastic barrels, jerry cans, wheel-rims, kitchen wear (pots and pans), flowerpots, plastic bags, mortar tubs, PVC-tubes, etc.

No previous experience is required. With very little instruction you can learn to play a percussion instrument. Everybody knows rhythm, because rhythm is everywhere: your heart beats a rhythm, you are breathing and walking in a rhythm.
We use simple rhythms, that everyone can play. To better remember them we use simple English words and phrases. When all these rhythms are played together, the result is an energetic and dynamic piece of music.
People with more musical experience can play more complicated rhythms, improvise or play a solo.

We can add body percussion, singing and dancing to the workshop. Depending on what the group wants. We never force anyone to do something he of she doesn't want to do.
You can choose from the following workshops or compile a combination from:

We can dress the participants in African clothes.
You can also buy small instruments as giveaways. If you give them to the participants, they'll have something tangible to remember the day or workshop by.

We have also provided drumming and/or dancing workshops around special topics like Greece, Egypt, the Mayans, Kenya, dragons, carnaval, etc.

That depends on what you want. Do you want a wake-up session in the morning, an energizer in the afternoon or a 1-1.5 hour team drumming session?
Do you want all the children in your school to have a go at drumming or do you want one class to work towards a performance?

We give our workshops 7 days a week, morning, afternoon or evening.
We can do 1, 2 or 3 hour sessions, half days and full days.

We'd love to discuss your needs in greater detail and are happy to set up a customised program with your aims and objectives in mind. If you have any questions please do contact us.

Note that enthusiastic alcohol consumption will detract markedly from the quality of the workshop.

These are the places and areas we have been to to deliver our workshops:
Axbridge, Barnstable, Bath, Birmingham, Bodmin, Bournemouth, Bridgwater, Bristol, Cardiff, Carmarthen, Chard, Cheltenham, Chicester, Chippenham, Clevedon, Dorchester, Exeter, Exmouth, Frome, Guildford, Glastonbury, Gloucester, London, Minehead, Newport, Newton Abbot, Oxford, Paignton, Plymouth, Poole, Portsmouth, Reading, Salisbury, Shepton Mallet, Southampton, Street, Swansea, Swindon, Taunton, Taystock, Thornbury, Tiverton, Torquay, Warminster, Wells, Weston-super-Mare, Weymouth, Woking, Worthing, Yeovil, Avon, Berkshire, Cotswolds, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Somerset, Surrey, The South West, Wales, Wiltshire.