School Drumming Workshops

Fab Drumming workshops are funky, inclusive, musical fun and suitable for all ages and abilities.
Drumming has many benefits, it encourages creativity, self expression and rhythmic coordination. It also improves manual and psychomotor skills.
Making music together and contributing your part, promotes a feeling of community and team spirit. School children have African drumming workshop


We loved your workshops! All the children came out with big smiles on their faces saying 'it was amazing, you'll love it' to the next group.

The children discovered how every day objects could be used to make music. They had lots of fun whilst learning about how sound is made and how it travels. We also liked the way you introduced them to rhythm in a simple and effective way. Thank you again.
Luckington Community School

Thank you so, so much for the brilliant workshop yesterday. The children were absolutely buzzing afterwards! They really enjoyed it and it gives me plenty to follow up on in class too.
Queen's College, Taunton

Tailor made workshops

recycled junk drumming workshop Every FabDrumming workshop is unique, not only because with every drumming or dancing workshop we work with different children, but also because each workshop is put together in close cooperation with the school and teachers.

National Curriculum

Fab Drumming workshops are a highly creative way of fulfilling key aspects of the National Curriculum and are often used as part of cultural events such as arts weeks, WOW days, school enrichment days such as cultural awareness or diversity days, Africa topics, Black history month and other themed events.

Drumming also fits in with cross-curricular topics as literacy, numeracy, math, science, PSHE, social studies, history, PE, and music!

The pupils do not require prior knowledge of drumming or special musical skills. Everyone is given their own instrument and within minutes the class becomes an orchestra.

Example drumming workshop outline :
Playgroups & EYFS: The children go on a musical journey with stories, movement and musical games.
KS 1: The children learn basic music skills and rhythms using musical games and with stories and learn basic rhythms using easy to remember words.
KS 2: The pupils learn to play basic rhythms and layering patterns using easy to remember words and sentences.
KS 3: They learn djembe drumming techniques, traditional African polyrhythms and breaks. When these rhythmic patterns are combined the result is a fantastic piece of music. They may also compose their own rhythms to create new pieces of music or solos.

Apart from drumming you can add body percussion, gumboot dancing, singing and dancing to the workshop. The workshop can lead to a performance at the end of the day were they show what they have learned and created.

Black History Month

Black History Month A music and/or dance workshop is a perfect way to learn about black history in an active and engaging way. Our Black History Month workshops celebrate black history, culture and heritage and illustrate how this has influenced the culture, music and dance of the western world. Your pupils go on a musical journey, from African rhythms and moves to jazz and hiphop using drums, song and dance.

INSET days

INSET day drumming workshop We gladly share our expertise and experience with you.
FabDrumming also provides drumming and/or dancing INSET sessions for teachers and staff. It is a fun team building activity and teachers can use it as a source of inspiration for music lessons or gain fresh insights into the benefits of using rhythm in education.

Team Drumming
Benefits of school drumming: inclusive musical fun, improves music skills, builds self confidence, creates feeling of community