African Drumming

Every person gets his or her own instrument to play. For groups up to 40 people we can provide a drum for each player. We can also bring shakers, bells and various other hand held percussion instruments to the drumming orchestra. Playing simple interlocking parts that soon become musical; the whole sound will be powerful, resonant and much greater than the sum of the parts.
We also encourage the drummers to create their own rhythms, which often leads to a whole new piece of music.
We can take this a step further and facilitate a drum circle, which is a facilitated jam session or a rhythm party. Everyone is involved and contributes to the music. There is no audience. There is no right or wrong.
Drum circles create a sense of community and connection and are a lot of fun!

Gumboot Dancing

Gumboot dancing originated in the mines during apartheid in South Africa. The workers made music with the only things available to them: their voices, hands, and rubber gumboots!
This dynamic and powerful dance style consists of rhythmic slaps, claps, stomping and singing.
Gumboot Dancing is a high energy, percussive, fun activity. The basic steps are easy to pick up and moves are easily adapted to suit different abilities.
Don't forget to bring your wellies!

Junk Percussion

recycled junk percussion workshop This workshop takes 'Rhythm is everywhere' literally. We make music with barrels, pots and pans, jerry cans, PVC tubes, etc.
This workshop also looks at how junk and recyclable objects can be used as percussion instruments. Teachers can use the recycled junk drumming workshop to raise recycling awareness and the importance of the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

African Dancing

African dancing workshop In African dance daily life is an inexhaustible source from which it draws its inspiration. It's expressive, dynamic and a good way to get fit!
In most parts of the world making music, singing and dancing belong together. Why should you stand still when the music wants to make you dance? Why keep quiet, when the music invites you to sing?

Body Percussion

junk percussion workshop Even without instruments you can make music. Body Percussion is an incredible form of movement that combines dancing and making music in one.
Using your body like a drum-kit you can create amazing rhythms! Clap, snap, stomp and slap: this is a great energizer and a lot of fun.


Our workshops are tailor-made for each client and occasion. Whether it is a corporate event, team building, a school drumming workshop, a children's party, a hen party or a wedding. Everybody can take part in our workshops, no experience is needed.
We offer Team Drumming and Drumming for schools.

Benefits of drumming