Drumming for team building

A Fab Drumming workshop is a fun, inclusive and musical experience. The energy and power of a drumming workshop makes all participants feel uplifted, energized, motivated and inspired.

The similarities between a business and an orchestra are striking. In order to be successful you need communication, listening skills, timing, leadership, cooperation and creativity.
Team Drumming is a great way to build team spirit, break the ice or reduce stress. It gets everyone into a good mood! Team Building Drumming Workshop

Tailor-made workshops

Team Building Junk Percussion Workshop Every FabDrumming workshop is unique, not only because every drum workshop has different participants, but also because each drumming workshop is put together in close cooperation with the customer.

When the participants enter the room they will see an exciting array of drums and percussion instruments. Experience in drumming or music is not required. Everyone can join in and within minutes the whole group will be drumming together.

A FabDrumming session can add spice to a team training day, business meeting, conference icebreaker, event opener or finale, away day, corporate event or staff training day.


Huge thanks to Marion Nieuwenhuizen who came and facilitated a thoroughly enjoyable drumming workshop with a client this afternoon!

The team were not expecting it at all and yet took to it like ducks to water, creating their own team rhythm which fully supported the Team Alignment work we've been doing since April. If you work with businesses with teams and want to suggest something to the management to compliment their team development efforts, I cannot recommend Marion and her energetic style enough! She has already been invited back to their summer party next year! THANK YOU Marion!
Alpha Associates Ltd

Thank you for your excellent drumming facilitation yesterday, we thoroughly enjoyed working with you. Your approach to building the team members' confidence, leading them into creating their own piece of music, etc. was really good. Also, the way you led the team through each stage with complete clarity, was excellent.
Prime Focus

Drumming benefits: releases stress, builds team spirit, brings people together