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Corporate Drumming Workshops

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For more info call 078 10005456 or email us
Team Drumming
Team Drumming
Team Drumming

A Fab Drumming workshop is a fun, rhythmical and musical experience. The energy and power of a drumming workshop makes all participants feel uplifted, energized, motivated and inspired.

Corporate Drumming Workshops

FabDrumming workshops are dynamic musical events. They unite, entertain, motivate and inspire all participants.

The similarities between a business and an orchestra are striking. In order to be successful you need communication, listening skills, timing, leadership, cooperation and creativity.

Team Drumming is a great way to build team spirit, break the ice or reduce stress.
It gets everyone into a good mood!

The interactive corporate drumming workshops of FabDrumming are not about learning how to play music. They're about working together as a team, where everyone's contribution is appreciated. They're about listening instead of talking; accepting and not judging; doing instead of analysing.

Everyone contributes and plays his or her part. Fit together these parts create the complete rhythm, showing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Team Building, Away Day or just for fun

Team building through music and drumming is a fun and energizing way to develop group cohesiveness and build team spirit, break down barriers and build relationships.
Imagine the thrill of your whole company making music together! It is a truly powerful way of giving the members of your team an unforgettable experience.

Experience in drumming or music is not required. Everyone can join in, old or young, male or female, any religion, any language.

Other occasions where a FabDrumming session can add spice to the event are for instance: business meeting or conference icebreaker, event opener or finale, corporate away days, energizer, product launch, stress release, corporate party, staff training day, highlighting of specific themes or team training.

Benefits of drumming
Corporate Drumming
Corporate Junk Drumming

Tailor made Workshops

Every FabDrumming workshop is unique, not only because every drum workshop has different participants, but also because each drumming workshop is put together in close cooperation with the customer.

FabDrumming provides a great variety of instruments. Within minutes the whole group will be playing together a scintillating piece of music. In order to better memorize the patterns, we use sentences, such as 'Drumming is good fun'. If possible, we like to use sentences that refer to your own company or the occasion.

You can give the participants something tangible as a reminder of the day or the workshop. We sell small percussion instruments as giveaways.

If you need more information don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email.